The eBook Community (TeBC) is for the general discussion of ebooks, the ebook industry, and related topics. Founded in January 1996 (as “eBook-List”), TeBC is the oldest, largest, most respected, and most active public forum for general discussion of all ebook-related topics.

eBooks are defined to be books in digital text form, presented to the user via an electronic reading system. Typographical rendering on visual displays is the most common means of ebook presentation, but other types of presentation are possible, such as text-to-speech.

All people interested in ebooks are welcome here, including consumers (readers) of ebooks, authors, publishers, distributors and retailers, hardware and software developers, librarians and archivists, etc. A major goal of TeBC is to promote mutual understanding between these various stakeholders in the “ebook universe.”

A partial list of permitted general topics, when clearly pertaining to ebooks, include:

It is expected that all TeBC subscribers will read and understand the TeBC Guidelines. Subscribers who participate in discussion (by posting messages) must adhere to the posting requirements, and are encouraged to follow the recommendations, set forth in Section 6 of the TeBC Guidelines. Particularly note that posted messages must not announce, advertise, or promote one or more ebook titles.

The group administrators reserve the right to take whatever action is deemed necessary to maintain the integrity of TeBC discussion.

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